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Project Description

ADExtractor is a small commandline-utility which queries an LDAP Server for various information and attribues and extracts these in multiple ways.

Ever wanted to match groups in multiple domains, even across forests and trusts? This tool gives you the power to select information into CSV files or a database, counting or extracting attributes or providing the data for various audit reports or interfaces.

Commandline Syntax

-o, --output (optional) ... leave blank, to export to the console, otherwise specify a filename
Example: output.csv

-q, --query... LDAP query
Example: "(&(objectCategory=User)(initials=*))"

-f, --fields... comma-separated list of properties
Example: initials,all(memberOf),objectSID,,memberof[0].name

-e, --encoding (optional) ... a valid encoding
Example: UTF-8, Windows-1252, etc.

-s, --sep (optional) ... the separator to use
Example: ;

-c, --conn (optional) ... an LDAP Connection-string
Example: ldap://

-u, --user (optional) ... a valid user-name on the target server/domain

Example: admin

-p, --pwd (optional) ... the password corresponding to the supplied LDAP
Example: myPassword

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