ADExtractor CSV Exporter Mode

The CSV Exporter mode allows you to directy output LDAP information to the console or to a file.

See also Common commandline arguments!

Output destination

Short form: -o
Long form: --output
Example: -o output.csv
Default: console
This parameter is optional. If you don't supply it, the CSV data is printed to the console, otherwise the file specified is created (or overwritten). The filename can be relative or absolute but must conform to the standard windows-filesystem naming conventions.

Output encoding

Short form: -e
Long form: --encoding
Example: -e UTF-8 or -e Windows-1252, etc.
Default: system-default
If you omit the encoding, the standard system-encoding is used. To force a specific output-encoding set this argument appropriately.

CSV separator

Short form: -s
Long form: --sep
Example: -s ;
Default: ;
Microsoft Excel interprets the semi-colon out of the box, so this is the default. If you require another value/attribute separator in the CSV output, you can supply it here accordingly.

Value enquotation

Short form: -v
Long form: --venqot
Example: -v {None|SingleQuotes|DoubleQuotes}
Default: None
Specifies how the output-values are to be enquoted.

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