Field Syntax

You can specify which fields are to be extracted from AD. Specify multiple fields by comma-separating them on the commandline. Do not add spaces between them.

Expression Remarks
cn returns the field as-is (in this case the common-name field). If it is multi-valued, the first value is returned
Lastname=sn returns the surname field, but names it Lastname in the CSV or SQL parameter
memberof[3] returns the 3rd entry of the multi-valued field, or null, if no 3rd value exists returns the name of the first group the record is a member of
count(memberof) returns the amount of values in the multi-valued list
all( returns the names of all groups the current records is a member of
memberof[0].manamger.samaccountname returns the SAM-accountname of the manager of the first group the current record is a member of
RunId=Literal(1234) returns the literal 1234 as if it were retrieved from LDAP as column/parameter RunId

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